Sunday, July 26, 2009

And the spife winner is...

The winner of a handful of spifes is Choosing Losing! Congratulations! E-mail me your address, and I'll pass it along to Zespri so they can send you these unique kiwi tools!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Win a "spife" for your Zespri kiwi!

Do you like kiwi? Do you know what a kiwi fruit is? (If you don't, take a minute to acquaint yourself visually with this delicious fruit by popping over to the Zespri Kiwi site.) I love kiwi - juicy, sweet-tart, green goodness with little seeds that add fantastic texture. This fruit is a mixed bag with my kids. My son won't even try it, while my daughter usually likes it.

Zespri Kiwi
, sellers of delicious kiwi fruit, sent me an e-mail recently offering a handful of "spifes" - a spoon and knife (suitable for children) combo useful for eating their fruit. I can not wait to get the spifes, as I suspect that my son will be all over kiwi if he has his own special tool to eat it with.

Here's the great part - Zespri Kiwi will also send a handful of spifes to one lucky reader of this blog! To win, tell me your favorite way to eat kiwi in the comments section. Winner must be willing to provide their name and a valid mailing address to claim their prize. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, July 26.