Friday, November 27, 2009

Made for Earth discount just for you readers!

Disclaimer - I have not tried these products but will be receiving samples of some of Made for Earth's products in a few weeks.  Look for a review of the products later!

Just for A Life Less Sweet readers, Made from Earth is offering 5% off plus a free Strawberry Mocha lip balm with ANY order - no minimum.  Just enter the code "sweetlife" with your order.  This special discount will last through the Christmas season.

Made from Earth sells all-natural face, body, and hair care products.  I've not tried their products yet, but I find their product line intriguing and attractive.  Wander over to their website to look at their product line for yourself!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Wheat Thins winner is...

Congrats to Jennifer!  E-mail me your address (less.sweet *at* to get your Wheat Thins samples!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wheat Thins goes HFCS free and a Giveaway!

This is not the first time I've written about Wheat Thins.  First, I wrote about all of the high fructose corn syrup in Wheat Thins (and other crackers).  Next, I wrote about a HFCS-free Wheat Thins cracker that I happen to like a lot while bemoaning the fact that so many Wheat Thins products still have HFCS in them. 

Wheat Thins listened!  They have started to revamp their crackers to be high fructose corn syrup free!  Wheat Thins Original, Reduced Fat, Big, and Hint of Salt are already on the shelves reformulated sans HFCS, and similar changes are coming to other Wheat Thins varieties in 2010.  And the crackers reportedly remain free of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated  oils.  Great news!

And now a little word about sugar and HFCS...  A lot has been made about companies making the switch from HFCS to sugar.  Companies are making the switch from HFCS to sugar and celebrating it - a smart marketing move. No, that simple switch does not make a product instantly healthier.  Too much sugar is still too much sugar, and we would all do well to limit our intake of sugar.  (Easier said than done for this sugarholic writer, but I'm trying!)  But, as you know, I hold a special feeling of disdain for HFCS and think we are better off just not consuming it.  I, frankly, am thrilled to see companies making the switch away from HFCS.  That's all I have to say on that for now.  Companies will listen to what their consumers want, so read those labels and let your pocketbook talk!

Back to Wheat Thins.  A rep working with Wheat Thins read my blog and sent me the good news.  (Special thanks also to Karen S. who let saw an article about Wheat Thins going HFCS-free back in August.)  Thanks for listening to your consumers, Wheat Thins!

The lucky winner will win a sample of the reformulated HFCS-free Original and Reduced Fat Wheat Thins.  To win, leave a comment.  For extra entries, you can do each of the following (be sure to leave an extra comment for each extra entry):
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The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 19.  The winner must be willing to provide a US mailing address within a week of contest close.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peter Rabbit Organics Giveaway winner...

The winner is KellieS!  Congratulations! 

Check back tomorrow for another great giveaway!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love these Peter Rabbit Organics fruit purees! Plus a giveaway...

Disclaimer: Samples of this product were provided free of charge by Peter Rabbit Organics. I am under no obligation to give these fruit pouches a positive review.

I am really excited about the product of the day. Why? I just think it's so refreshing to find a fruit puree made of something other than apples. Not that applesauce is a bad thing, but my family is just not that crazy about it as a snack.

Peter Rabbit Organics fruit puree pouches
come in three flavors - mango, banana, and orange flavor; apple and grape; and strawberry and banana. The ingredients of each puree is exactly as described - no added sugar, no preservatives, nothing artificial. Take a look at the ingredients for the mango, banana, and orange flavor: Organic banana, organic mango, organic orange. That's it! Just the fruit, pure and simple! The apple and grape flavor has lemon juice concentrate added, but nothing more.

These fruit pouches have another thing going for them - no spoon required! Simply unscrew the cap and squeeze the puree into your mouth. That's really a nice thing when you're dealing with children. There's less mess (unless you squeeze too much into your child's mouth like I did at first - oops!), and it makes it so easy to toss a pouch into a lunch box or a purse or a stroller for an anytime snack.

But how do they taste? Exactly as you think that they would! The mango, banana, and orange had distinct notes of each fruit. The fruit flavors remained true in the pouch. The banana flavors are our favorites. Surprisingly, the banana flavor did not overwhelm the other flavors. The apple and grape flavor was good, but the apple was the main flavor while the grape flavor was kind of an after thought. Good, but not spectacular. Still, if you're an applesauce fan, this is pretty darn good applesauce.

What about the texture? Well, these are fruit purees. The texture is thick and not at all unpleasant. I'll admit that before I tried these fruit purees I was afraid that it would be like eating baby food. It wasn't.

Would I buy these? Yes!! These fruit puree pouches are being marketed for young children, but I have to tell you, I'm going to buy some for myself! (Ok, I'll grudgingly share with my children.) These pouches are downright tasty, whether you're an adult or a child. I think that they'll be a great healthy snack for on the go.

To see if your store sells Peter Rabbit Organics fruit puree pouches, click here. Looks like they're mainly sold in stores along the east coast, but Amazon also carries them.

GIVEAWAY time!!!

The folks at Peter Rabbit Organics were kind enough to supply some of their fruit pouches for a giveaway. The lucky winner will receive one of each flavor - Mango, Banana, and Orange; Apple and Grape; and Strawberry and Banana.

I'm trying something a little new this time. To enter, simply comment for an entry. To earn extra entries in this giveaway, you can do any (or all) of the following:
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Leave a separate comment for each that you do above.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 11. The winner must be willing to provide a US mailing address. The winner will have one week to get the address to me.