Wednesday, April 14, 2010

truwhip giveaway!

Kara and Sandy...congrats!  You're the winners!  Because I'm a day late announcing the winners, you each have an extra day to e-mail (less dot sweet at gmail dot com) your shipping address to me!

Disclaimer:  Product coupons have been provided by Truwhip, but all samples for this review were bought by my.  

Usually when I hold a giveaway, a company representative has contacted me to see if I'm interested in reviewing their product.  This time it's a little different.  I've been buying Truwhip for about a year now.  On a whim, I decided to contact Truwhip to see if they would be interested in participating in a review/giveaway.  (Actually, the whim was when I had a little freak-out moment when the grocery store where I usually buy Truwhip suddenly ran out.  Never fear!  I found it at another grocery store in town.)

Why Truwhip?  When we went HFCS-free a couple of years ago, Cool Whip became an issue.  (Sugar-free Cool Whip, I believe, is actually free of HFCS.)  And then when we went trans-fat free last year, Cool Whip was taken off of the menu completely.  The last time I looked at Cool Whip, every single variety of Cool Whip (and there are many different varieties of Cool Whip) contained hydrogenated oils.  You know what that means - trans fat!  Some of the other goodies in Cool Whip include our friend HFCS, polysorbate 60, and sorbitan monostearate.  Yummy!

Enter Truwhip.  No HFCS.  No hydrogenated oils.  Completely trans fat free!  Gluten free.  Great flavor.

Take a look at the ingredients:
Water, organic tapioca syrup, expeller-pressed palm kernel oil, organic cane sugar, organic palm kernel oil, contains less than 2% of each of the following: organic soy protein concentrate, sodium caseinate (milk protein), organic tapioca starch, natural flavors, organic soy lecithin, xanthan gum, guar gum. contains milk and soy. 
Not as simple as real whipped cream, of course, but Truwhip is a lot lower in calories (30 compared to 100 calories of the same amount of whipped cream).  Best of all, Truwhip is a whipped topping I can keep in my freezer until needed, and it works in all of my old recipes that call for Cool Whip.  Score!

Win it!
I have two coupons for a free container of Truwhip!  That means that two lucky readers will each win one coupon.  (Wondering if it's in your store?  Check out the Store Finder at the Truwhip site.  If it isn't, maybe you should request it!)

To enter, simply leave a comment.  For extra entries, you can do one of the following:
Leave a separate comment for EACH entry!

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Saturday, April 17 with winners announced on Monday, April 19.  The winners must provide a valid US mailing address by the end of Thursday, April 22 or a new winner will be selected.

Visit the Truwhip site now for a 55 cent coupon good toward a tub of Truwhip!


Heather said...

I would love to try this!

Jenny K said...

That sounds intriguing, I've never heard of it but would love to try it.

Jenny K said...

I just became a fan on Facebook - thanks!

Kara said...

Oh, I miss Cool Whip - I've never seen this before, I'll look for it! (especially if I win a coupon ;-)

Kara said...

I'm already a fan on Facebook :-)

Amy said...

Do I love cool whip? My first password ever on any computer was coolwhip!!Even now, I can't buy it without accepting that I will eat the eNTIRE container alone. An interesting thing happened last time I did that though (like 2 weeks ago)... major stomach cramping. I think those chemicals were having a hay day in my digestive system!

Sandy said...

Because of my dairy allergies, once in a while I do buy cool whip to top off my fruits as a dessert. I do not like it's effect on my stomach, though, nor my thinking, since I do know that all I'm eating is whipped oil with a ton of man engineered ingredients. Trying the TruWhip would be divine!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Strawberries are in season here, so strawberry shortcakes would be awesome

Donna at said...

TruWhip is amazing! I happened upon it on a Mgrs. Special at a local food store that carries some natural stuff. It was 50% off so I figured worth a try, but not with much hope. It's been 30 yrs since I've bought Cool Whip so I've learned to live w/o it. Anyway ... took it home and couldn't believe it! Absolutely delicious. Before it totally thaws out it's like a cross between marshmallow creme and Cool Whip (well, I guess I should say whipped topping since I don't have a clue what Cool Whip tastes like any more). So, I ordered a whole case of it at a place I can get it at wholesale price. Just came in on Friday. Loving it!