Friday, October 15, 2010

Great new options from Musselman's!

Are you an applesauce fan or the parent of an applesauce fan?  Even if you aren't, you'll want to read about two great new applesauce offerings from Musselman's!

We were fortunate enough to try two new applesauces from Musselman's recently.  Our family runs the gamut - I don't care so much for snacking on applesauce (though I love using it in baking), my kids are so-so on it, and my husband loves to take some to work as a snack.  Despite that, we were universally thrilled with the two new applesauces.

Musselman's Healthy Picks Granny Smith applesauce has that distinctive Granny Smith twang to it.  My husband thinks that this is the best applesauce he has ever had.  Seriously.  Musselman's Totally Fruit Mixed Berry has a strong berry flavor to it.  Some flavored applesauces taste mostly of apple with just a hint of whatever flavor it's supposed to taste like.  Musselman's Totally Fruit Mixed Berry leaves no doubt - it has berry flavor to spare.  My kids were crazy for this applesauce!  It's rare for them to actually request applesauce, but not only did they request it, they devoured it.

The Healthy Picks applesauce has no added sugar and, yes, does contain Granny Smith apples as one of the primary ingredients.  As a plus, it has added fiber, vitamin C, and calcium.  The Totally Fruit applesauce is sweetened with fruit juice and contains real berry puree from several different berries. 

Will I buy these?  Absolutely!  In fact, my one complaint with these applesauces is that they're not available in my area yet!  These applesauces were an undeniable hit here, and I can't wait to get my hands on some more!  I have a feeling that they will become a pantry staple.

Disclaimer:  The applesauce was provided free of charge by Musselman's.  All opinions expressed are my own.